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LunpaCMS Employee Manager Documentation

A Quick Introduction

For those needing an easy interface to manage the display of your Employees, this is the tool for you. Update the Employee Manager with the particular information you want clients to know about a particular employee's skill sets. Attract new customers by advertising the employees with whom your new clients will interact.

Adding An Employee

  1. Go to the Employeemanager Admin Page for the site
  2. Select Employee set and click 'Select'
  3. Click Add a New Employee
  4. Enter all of their Information (images can only be added after it has been entered)
  5. Review Entries and Click "Save Employee Data"
  6. In order for the employee to show up, find their name in the employee list and make sure they are Enabled

Installing Employee Manager

  1. Run employeemanageradmin/, and follow instructions
  2. Make sure the employee_uploads directory and the employee* templates are owned by the correct user
  3. Make sure /globalresources/css/managers.css file is added in between <head> tag - default CSS rules can be overridden by a site's local CSS
  4. Employee Manager is ready to use

How to Implement Employee Manager User Page

  1. From Employee Manager Admin interface, create your first employee set. You need to provide employee set name, page template, and full style template to create a employee set.
  2. Since LunpaCMS is delivered with initial templates for Employee Manager, you can use them as is or you can create your own templates based on delivered ones. Delivered templates are as followed; page template: employee.template, full style template: employee_profile.template, mini style template: employee_profile_mini.template.
  3. Create a new employee manager designated template with following content:
    :::EMPLOYEE_MANAGER_MAIN:ARGS: set_id=1&employee_list_title=Employee Profiles&employee_list_column_count=4 :::
  4. Employee Manager is ready to use

Customizing Employee Manager

Default descriptor set, format descriptors subroutines are defined in Employee manager Library, but all of them can be overridden by site's specific subroutines in site Library. They can change default words for descriptors, and even add new descriptors to descriptor set.

Overloading Employee Manager Subroutines

Employee Manager subroutines can be overloaded by defining the appropriately named subroutine in your site's local library.

Employee Manager Subroutine Local Library Subroutine Description
run_employee_manager employee_manager_run This subroutine runs employee manager. Programmers can add any pre/post process to Employee Manager.
get_employee_manager_descriptors employee_manager_get_descriptors LunpaCMS's Employee Manager default descriptors are defined in get_employee_manager_descriptors subroutine, and users can define site specific descriptors by setting descriptors in employee_manager_get_descriptors subroutine in site's local library.
office_hash employee_manager_get_office_hash Users can define site specific office hash using this subroutine.
expertise_hash employee_manager_get_expertise_hash Users can define site specific expertise hash using this subroutine.
fetch_valid_descriptors employee_manager_add_extra_to_valid_fetch_descriptors Employee Manager's fetch_valid_descriptors subroutine fileters any descriptor which are not used amoung default descriptors for specific employee. Site library's employee_manager_add_extra_to_valid_fetch_descriptors subroutine adds extra descriptors exiting for the site only.
employee_manager_format_descriptor_$key employee_manager_format_descriptor_$key
(defined per-key - replace dashes with underscores)
Each Employee Manager's descriptor has one predefined formatting subroutine in Employee Manager Library. Users can override descriptor formatting by defining descriptor formatting subroutines in site's local library.
get_random_mini_bio employee_manager_get_random_mini_bio Employee Manager has support random mini bio for employees, and this can be overridden by employee_manager_get_random_mini_bio in site's local library.
post_admin_action_script employee_manager_post_admin_action_script Some site's requires additional action after employee information is changed. This kind of post admin action can be defined in employee_manager_post_admin_action_script subroutine in site's local library.

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