LunpaCMS Whipping your website into shape! Introducing Lunpa, our mascot.  Her mother was a hamster and her father was Chilean M00se.  Oddly, neither smelt of elderberries.


LunpaCMS, formerly PerlCMS, is a Content Management System Framework for building websites in Perl.

It is published and maintained by Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation.

It is free software published under the Apache License Version 2.0 available at

LunpaCMS has the following goals:

  1. To allow multiple users with varying degrees of skill and experience to update, maintain and administer a website.
  2. To allow a webmaster or designer to setup the initial layout and styles which in turn allows a site to be maintained long-term and enhanced with a focus on consistency.
  3. To facilitate removing the content from the design in a way that is similar and compatible with CSS but with less of a focus on QA and testing for cross-browser support.
  4. To allow for the easy creation of web forms with error-checking and "re-display" without re-entering every field twice.
  5. To remove any gatekeepers and allow all classes of users to edit the site at the same time with minimal restrictions.
  6. To require only one central copy of the content management system and modules per server for ease of maintenance and feature addition.
  7. To allow even a novice user to update a websites content.

LunpaCMS has the following user classes:

Getting Started

Content Managers
Examples and Default Pages
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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

External Applications

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About Lunpa, our mascot. Her mother was a hamster and her father was an ill-tempered Chilean M00se. Oddly, neither smelt of elderberries.
The artist is Jennifer Lomax.