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Generating Mailing Labels in LunpaCMS


LunpaCMS doesn't have its own mailing label print function, however, users can generate mailing labels through Microsoft Office Word using member data CSV file exported from LunpaCMS.

Step-by-Step Directions

  1. Click "Search Members" from Admin menu, and search members who you will make mailing labels with.
  2. After searching members click "Export to CSV" button and save the file on your computer.
  3. Open Miscrosoft Word. (Word 2007 was used in this documentation.)
  4. From Word click on Mailings tab.
  5. Click "Start Mail Merge" icon, and click "Labels..." option under "Start Mail Merge."
  6. You will get Label Options window. Choose proper label option for you (Avery, 5162).
  7. Click "Select Recipients" icon, and click "Use Existing List..." option under "Select Recipients."
  8. Find your CSV file from Select Data Source window, and click "Open" button.
  9. Click "Insert Merge Fields" icon, and select all data fields you want to put on labels. Select one field each time.
  10. After selecting all data fields, arrange them to look properly by adding line break, space, and comma.
  11. Click "Update Labels" icon. You will see updated data field format is copied to all labels.
  12. Click "Preview Results" icon. You will see your data is populated to each field.
  13. Save your work. Please remember you will need the CSV data file when you open the saved Word file later.

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