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Twittefeed is a service that reads RSS feeds and posts their articles automatically to various social networking sites. Currently it supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It can be very useful if you want to have posts from your News Manager automatically get pushed to your company's or personal social media pages.

Setting Up Twitterfeed

Twitterfeed SOP

  1. Sign up for a twitterfeed account by going to
  2. Enter the name of the newsfeed and the URL of the newsfeed. The default rss feed for a LunpaCMS newsfeed is: http://<your website>/newsmanager/rss.cgi? if you don’t want the title in every post add “no_webtitle_in_header=1” to the end of the url to make it look like: “http://<your website>/newsmanager/rss.cgi?no_webtitle_in_header=1”
  3. Under “advanced Settings” set the frequency you want twitterfeed to check your rss feed for updates, choosing at least a few hours because once something is posted to facebook and twitter you have to manually go to those sites if you wish to delete or edit anything. The longer the update frequency the more grace period you have for edits.
  4. Choose how you would like to post content. Title and description includes a thumbnail. If you don’t want your facebook swimming in the same logo over and over, it would be advisable to choose title only and have a link.
  5. Choose Post sorting as GUID and have Feed is sorted selected
  6. You can add anything you want to prefix or postfix then click Continue to Step 2
  7. This is where you setup the individual sites you publish. i.e. clicking facebook you would click connect with facebook and enter the facebook credentials of the page you want to post to and hit “create service”
  8. Once you have created your services go to the dashboard and you can click “check now!” to have twitterfeed post your current RSS feed.

Disabling Twitterfeed


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About Lunpa, our mascot. Her mother was a hamster and her father was an ill-tempered Chilean M00se. Oddly, neither smelt of elderberries.
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